Background & Capabilities

IONEX Research Corporation (IONEX) is a technically-oriented design and manufacturing firm which specializes in producing high-performance equipment used to protect the environment and personnel working atmospheres from the harmful effects of a wide variety of the world’s most hazardous airborne chemicals and contaminants.  Such equipment includes fabrication of vessels, air handling units, air cleaning and filtration systems, containment and glove enclosures, and related piping and material handling systems.  Of particular note is IONEX’ technology and experience related to the protection against chemical warfare agents and nuclear fission products.

IONEX has produced equipment for virtually every U.S. Army chemical demilitarization (nerve gases) facility as well as most U.S. DOE nuclear facilities (plutonium) and many commercial nuclear power plants (radioactive iodine).

The orientation of IONEX personnel is technical, and engineers and designers are on staff to provide detailed design, development and analysis of highly specialized equipment and custom-designed systems to meet our customers' specialized needs.  Our systems typically utilize adsorption processes for hazardous airborne chemical removal and our personnel have knowledge and experience in systems using activated charcoal, silver zeolites and precious metal catalysts.  Due to the highly dangerous nature of processed materials, IONEX also provides special remote servicing and bag-in/bag-out servicing techniques.

From our manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Colorado, IONEX provides equipment fabricated of special alloys and of all-welded construction in accordance with high nuclear and military quality levels.  IONEX’ special emphasis on the development and manufacture of a specific group of specialized chemicals and equipment assures you a reliable source of these items in support of your own research, for your nuclear facility, or in conformance with your particular requirements.  IONEX' high standards of design, production, and quality assurance provides you with:

    Experienced technical personnel for consultation on the use of our products in your specific application,

    Assured product quality and uniformity,

    Expedited delivery and personal service, when required for a schedule that only a small company can provide,

    Special order services for new or unique custom-designed equipment requiring special design criteria, unique applications, and/or special performance standards.