The IOSERV Division of IONEX was created to provide our customers with information, services and parts.  As IONEX units are put into service, we recognize that there is a need for service to those units including maintenance and repairs, as well as filter and charcoal changeout and testing.  There also arises the need to replace parts such as filters and charcoal on a regular basis, as well as replace parts that may break on occasion.  The IOSERV division is prepared to meet all of these needs.

The IOSERV Division can handle any service request that our customers may have.  We can provide a Field Service Supervisor who is capable of overseeing all operations and is also qualified to perform in-place leak tests on IONEX units.  There are also trained Technicians who can assist the Supervisor and perform services such as repairs, maintenance and filter changeout.  When needed, we can also provide Welding and Sheet Metal services.  For more information on Field Service Rates, please click below.

Field Service Rates

Equipment Rental Fees

The IOSERV Division can provide our customers with spare parts for their IONEX equipment.  For information on a part or to get pricing for a part, please email