Mercury Abatement Systems for Mining Applications

The use of sulfur-impregnated charcoal in the control of airborne mercury contamination is a
well established technology. Such systems have been supplied by IONEX for several years with
excellent success. IONEX is a supplier of custom environmental control systems; and over the
years we have developed proprietary technology for both small portable systems as well as largescale treatment systems for permanent industrial processes. Several features available
exclusively from IONEX include:

    Design of mercury treatment systems which are custom-tailored to your specific requirement,
    Process equipment which is completely shop-fabricated and factory-tested to enable ease of site installation and start-up.
    Use of cocoanut shell-based charcoal for a clean , hard, and long-lasting adsorbent which is easy to handle and substantially dust-free,
    Small-to-medium sized systems employing modular adsorber cells which can be replaced using personnel-protecting bagging methods,
    Large adsorption systems serviced using bulk loading techniques permitting replacement of contaminated primary adsorption beds while leaving secondary adsorbers undisturbed for continued operation,
    Overall system design which maximizes effective adsorbent utilization for lowest replacement volume and waste disposal.

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