Portable Air Filtration Systems

As a result of recent requirements for repair, retrofit and service activities at many commercial nuclear power generation and toxic waste disposal facilities, the need to provide high-efficiency gaseous filtration and adsorption to plant areas not previously serviced with filtration equipment has developed. Additionally, repair and service personnel have begun to recognize the desirability of isolating and localizing the environmentally treated areas so as to reduce the area of potential contamination to a minimum. Temporary enclosures for specific sources of contamination or for specific areas requiring service have been utilized with the discharge air from those enclosures being treated via newly developed, highly portable filtration equipment.

In general, the portable filtration equipment being used for localized filtration applications employ filtration and adsorption components similar or identical to those components being used in the larger, permanent HVAC filtration systems installed in the nuclear or chemical plant during its construction. The configurations of the portable filter housings, however, are quite different from the permanent systems- so as to permit maximum portability and ease of internal filter replacement.

Normally these portable systems are fabricated of stainless steel to assure continued durability and excellent appearance. Wide use of skid-mounting or cart-mounting techniques permits complete systems to be transported from location to location within the plant using existing plant elevators, cranes, and corridors.

In order to interconnect the filter system to the contamination enclosure, flexible ducting or hose is normally used. Replacement of contaminated filter and adsorber elements is normally done using techniques, which permit maintenance personnel to remain outside the filter housings thus saving the space, which would normally be devoted to internal personnel access. Bag-out provisions are often provided in those cases where heavily contaminated filter elements must be replaced with the minimum of personnel exposure or contact.

With the excellent portability and ease of filter servicing, it is often convenient to simply move an entire portable filtration module out of the operating area when the filters require replacement. A second module can be brought in to continue maintaining a filtered airflow while the filters in the first unit are replaced in a maintenance area out of the way of operations in the filtered area.

All of these portable filter systems are available with the same quality assurance, material certifications, and basic design and testing concepts qualifying them under U.S. NRC Regulatory Guides 1.140 and 1.52. In fact, with proper anchoring and support of the portable system, seismic qualification is also available, if required.

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