Specific Product and Service Capabilities


Supply of:

    Inorganic adsorbents such as silver zeolites, impregnated aluminas, and impregnated silica gels for nuclear air treatment applications
    Impregnated carbons for nuclear air treatment applications
    Impregnated carbons for organic compounds, mercury, and heavy metals removal


Design and fabrication of:

    Pressure vessels and piping subassemblies
    Environmental air treatment systems for particulate and gaseous contaminant removal from nuclear and chemical facilities
    IES CS-8 charcoal adsorber cells, type I, type II and type III
    Bag-in/bag-out filter systems
    Containment isolation enclosures and glove boxes
    Skid-mounted, pre-assembled process systems
    Transport containers for nuclear waste shipping and storage


    Custom design and drafting
    Refilling of spent nuclear adsorber cells
    Refrigerant testing (ASME N510) of adsorber cells
    Full ASME N510 field in-place testing of installed air filtration systems
    Field filter changeout services